Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law – Albuquerque

Calculator & Chapter 7If you feel like you’re drowning in debt and out of solutions, the Albuquerque bankruptcy lawyers at Melwani Law can help you gain financial freedom. We provide an array of debt solutions, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process designed to help you regain control of your finances so you can look forward to a brighter financial future.

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Albuquerque

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a type of personal bankruptcy that allows you to liquidate your assets and eliminate your debt. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, you may be able to eliminate personal loans, medical bills and credit card bills for good. Benefits of personal bankruptcy include:

  • The discharge of most debts: Your unsecured debts will be discharged, eliminating your responsibility to pay them.
  • The protection of property: Personal bankruptcy is often the only way to protect your most important property from creditors, including your home and vehicle.
  • The granting of an automatic stay: When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, a judge will grant an automatic stay, forcing an abrupt halt of most creditor actions against you, including harassing phone calls.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy forbids creditors from contacting you immediately after you file. This puts a stop to lawsuits, wage garnishments, foreclosure, repossession and tax levies.

How Our ABQ Bankruptcy Attorney Help

Our Albuquerque bankruptcy firm develops creative solutions to help you achieve maximum debt relief. We also help you keep your property so it is secure as you work toward a better financial future for yourself and your family.

Not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, you must take a bankruptcy means test to determine if you qualify. Our attorneys help you take the test and file the appropriate paperwork so you do not make any bankruptcy mistakes. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7, then you may still be eligible to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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We are committed to providing bankruptcy solutions quickly and effectively. Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually moves quickly from the time of filing to the discharge or debt. Most cases are resolved in four months or less. Contact us to speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer during a free consultation at our law firm.