Albuquerque Consumer Bankruptcy

consumer bankruptcy lawThousands of people right here in New Mexico are dealing with serious credit card debt. Credit cards can make it all too easy to get in over your head to the point where you can no longer manage your debt. The stress and worry of unmanageable debt can have a negative impact on your life. But there is a way out: consumer bankruptcy.

Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists for Albuquerque

If you need help with consumer debt, Melwani Law has the experienced bankruptcy lawyers that you need. We offer a free initial consultation and can help you determine which type of bankruptcy could be best for your specific circumstances.

  • Chapter 7Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a way to get out of debt by liquidating your nonexempt assets. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debts are generally discharged entirely and you may be able to keep certain exempted property and possessions.
  • Chapter 13Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or reorganization bankruptcy, establishes a manageable payment plan so that you can pay off your debts within a certain time period, usually three to five years. This may be an option if you have a regular income that enables you to repay all or a portion of your debt within the given period. Since this is not a liquidation bankruptcy, you are able to keep your property as you make regular payments toward your debt.

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At Melwani Law, we’ll give you a means test and examine your financial history to help you decide whether to file bankruptcy and which type of bankruptcy you should file. We work with people across New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Farmington, Roswell, and Las Cruces.

Get Out of Credit Card Debt Now

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