ABQ Personal Bankruptcy Filing Requirements

bankruptcy filing requirementsWhile there are a number of steps you must follow to file bankruptcy in New Mexico, the process can be simplified with the help of an experienced Albuquerque bankruptcy lawyer like those at Melwani Law.

No Requirements for Eligibility

As far as being eligible to file bankruptcy, the laws are quite clear: anyone who wishes to seek protection from creditors can do so by filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on their specific circumstances.

Start with an Albuquerque Bankruptcy Attorney

While it is possible to go through bankruptcy without a lawyer, the importance for your financial future of getting the best outcome in your bankruptcy case is too great. Why take the chance that you could overlook a form or have a discharged debt successfully appealed by a creditor whose lawyers understand the bankruptcy laws better than you? With Melwani Law you’ll have experienced attorneys working to protect your interests from start to finish.

After you’ve had your initial consultation, we can handle all the forms that are part of the personal bankruptcy filing requirements, including:

  • The bankruptcy petition
  • Exhibit D, relating to mandatory credit and budget counseling
  • A list of all creditors and details of their claims against you
  • Several additional forms

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Failure to include any of the required information can severely delay the potential resolution of your debt problems. Once your petition is filed, your case is underway and we will be there for you until the process is complete.

Leave nothing to chance. Melwani Law will work diligently toward the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us as soon as possible for your free evaluation, and put yourself on the road to recovery today.