Albuquerque Foreclosure Attorneys

ABQ foreclosure attorneysIf you are facing foreclosure, it’s important to remember that you are far from alone! Many Americans are in the same predicament. While many will wait to get help understanding foreclosure law, the Albuquerque foreclosure attorneys at Melwani law are here to inform you of your rights so you can work toward a successful resolution.

The foreclosure attorneys at Melwani Law represent clients in Albuquerque & throughout the state of New Mexico. We present multiple options for our clients based on their needs and the situation—such as whether you want to stay in your home or walk away.

Mortgage Modifications

If you want to keep your home, we help by fighting the foreclosure and providing assistance with mortgage modifications. Our attorneys help you understand your rights under foreclosure law, negotiate with your lender and complete the paperwork required for a loan modification.

Albuquerque Foreclosure Defense

During foreclosure, banks must take the proper steps in order to have a legal right to foreclosure. Often, procedural and administrative defenses can be raised on your behalf by our experienced foreclosure lawyers.

If you need help understanding how to stop foreclosure, contact the Albuquerque foreclosure attorneys at Melwani Law for a free consultation.
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Fraudulent Activities

Some cases involve lenders who violate New Mexico foreclosure laws. When a lender engages in fraudulent activity, such as hidden fees or other unlawful actions, our attorneys can advise you on your rights.

Debt Negotiation

Many debtors are able to negotiate their debt with lenders in order to stop foreclosure. During debt negotiation, our foreclosure lawyers will speak with your lenders to come up with a smaller, more affordable payment plan.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

This is an alternative to foreclosure that allows you to give the deed to your home to the lender to forgive your debt. You need help from a foreclosure lawyer during this process. Otherwise, the lender may take advantage and seek additional payments even after the deed is received.

Strategic Default

When you choose strategic default, you are essentially walking away from your mortgage. This is only recommended for a few special cases, such as a person who has an underwater mortgage or a mortgage worth more than the value of the home.

Foreclosure is a long process that can take more than a year to complete. During that time, you may be able to stay in your home. To learn how to stop foreclosure in Albuquerque, NM, contact us to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.