Peace of Mind after Bankruptcy

Overwhelming financial debt can take a toll on every aspect of your life. You may find yourself afraid to answer the phone or check the mail. Your health and personal relationships may even suffer. If you are ready to take control of your debt and your life, bankruptcy may be able to help.

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Our Albuquerque personal bankruptcy lawyers offer free initial consultations in order to help you better understand your options. We provide the information you need to take the first steps towards getting your debt repaid or eliminated so that you can sleep better at night.

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How Bankruptcy Affects your Credit Score

Even though bankruptcy can provide you with a financial fresh start, you may be concerned about how it will affect your credit. In reality, while bankruptcy does have an effect on a debtor’s credit, the amount of damage is often not nearly as great as many may fear. In fact, if you are considering bankruptcy, you may be surprised to learn that bankruptcy often has less of a negative impact on your credit score than other debt management solutions.

How you can Rebuild your Credit Score after Bankruptcy

Moving on after bankruptcy naturally includes repairing what damage is done to the credit report. Because a debtor education course is required for those filing for bankruptcy, you’ll have the opportunity to learn valuable financial management techniques that can serve you well throughout this process. By using credit wisely and beginning slowly with secured lines of credit that you pay off quickly, you’ll begin to rebuild healthier credit.

How you can be Free of Debt

Many people are able to move past their bankruptcy in terms of their credit report within two years of filing, but the peace of mind they gain from being free of their debt may be much longer lasting. Many times you’ll be in an even better position than you were before bankruptcy.

If you are facing an economic crisis, you should know you are not alone. To learn more about how you can gain peace of mind and a financial fresh start through bankruptcy, contact Melwani Law for a free initial consultation today.

Peace of Mind - post bankruptcy