Albuquerque Bankruptcy Lawyer Service

If you’re facing financial problems, credit card debt or bankruptcy, you may be afraid to ask for professional advice. While friends and family may offer well-intentioned advice, the truth is, you’ll only receive sound guidance from a bankruptcy lawyer who has carefully reviewed your financial situation, including income, assets, debts and future financial goals.

At Melwani Law, our personal bankruptcy lawyers can help you solve review debtyour financial problems with counseling that considers both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions. We develop creative solutions to your debt that may include credit counseling, debt settlement, loan modification and bankruptcy.

How to File for Personal Bankruptcy in New Mexico

Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer is the first step to a debt-free lifestyle. Personal bankruptcy in New Mexico includes Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy in most cases allows you to keep your assets and eliminate your debt. Under chapter 7, you may be able to eliminate personal loans, medical bills and credit card debts for good.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes and prioritizes your debt do that you pay off as much as you can afford based on a comfortable living budget. After 3 to 5 years of repayment the court will forgive only dischargeable debt.

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process that requires you to file paperwork correctly the first time. Otherwise, you will need to begin the process again while your debt piles up. The bankruptcy attorneys at Melwani Law make it our goal to get your financial situation under control in a fast, efficient way that puts you on the path to financial freedom.

To learn more about eliminating your debt in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Melwani Law at 866-501-8500.

Other Options to Eliminate Your Debt

Bankruptcy is not right for every person. That’s why our bankruptcy attorneys look at every available option to eliminate your debt:

  • Credit counseling includes negotiating with your creditors to rearrange your debt and possibly reduce interest rates, penalties and other fees.
  • Debt consolidation is a loan that allows you to bundle some of your debts into a single payment.
  • Debt settlement means our attorneys contact your creditors on your behalf to negotiate a new schedule of payments that is more manageable to your budget. Some debts may be forgiven.
  • Loan modification to your existing mortgage may lower your interest rates and monthly payments.

Don’t let embarrassment over your financial situation prevent you from improving it. Instead, contact a bankruptcy lawyer at Melwani Law to help you sort through your debt. We are here to help you explore your options and avoid mistakes that cost you time and money. Contact the Albuquerque bankruptcy lawyers at Melwani Law for a FREE consultation.